Claims management services

20 years of claims experience in the field of fire, explosion, storm, flood, construction, machinery breakdown, liability, etc. form the foundation

The claims handling process is very complex and requires the cooperation of a number of parties. It is not only policyholders and insurance companies that need to be considered here. Damaged parties, experts, lawyers, contractors and others must also be integrated into the process. Stakeholders often struggle with redundant or missing information and high turnaround times.

In claims management, knowledge and interpretation of the underlying insurance conditions are essential factors for the successful handling of claims. Our specialists from a wide range of disciplines have extensive expertise in property and liability insurance.

The report is prepared independently according to technical-professional aspects and includes the insurance-legal consideration according to the present insurance contract.

Significant cost reduction potential through recourse management

Subrogation management is a cross-sectional issue

In order to successfully handle a subrogation case, a functioning and sustainable subrogation management is indispensable. This includes, among other things, a coordinated and structured approach, so that a defense against unjustified claims or an enforcement of justified claims is regularly crowned with success.

In a subrogation case, there is always overlap from the fields of business, law, engineering and underwriting. We can draw on our extensive underwriting expertise and experience from handling numerous claims to effectively support and assist our clients with their subrogation needs. We can also analyze ongoing recourse proceedings and, in the course of the analysis, identify optimization potential or even recommend or implement an operational and strategic realignment.

Uncompromising quality standards

A thorough examination of your subrogation claim is the first important step and also includes an analytical evaluation of any opportunities and risks. Clear communication and effective reporting are essential components of successful and sustainably effective recourse management. The bundling of information and its complete processing and consistent forwarding to the parties involved are the key to success here through optimal claims management.

Once recourse proceedings have been initiated, we support and advise our clients in out-of-court communication with the parties responsible for the damage and their liability (insurance) companies and act as an interface with external lawyers in those cases that cannot be resolved out-of-court. In all these stages of the process, we are your direct and reliable contact.

Targeted communication

Structured communication internally and targeted information externally are indispensable in loss adjusting in order to comprehensively consider the parties and interests involved in losses.

Damage of any magnitude requires professional supervision of recovery efforts, depending on the environment.

Added value through efficient claims management

This service brings the insured the fastest possible recovery and prevents discussions with the insurer about the cost. The insurer benefits from a satisfied customer and the certainty that only the causal costs are actually billed.

Based on past experience, most billing conflicts are due to a lack of agreement on actual insured costs and cost control prior to the start of remediation. The loss adjuster, as an on-site expert, can make a significant contribution to the solution here, drawing on his detailed knowledge of the insurance contract and the underlying insurance terms and conditions.

Our services at a glance

  • Expert initial information and expert recommendation by telephone
  • Damage inspection, findings and setting of damage-reducing initial measures on site
  • Nomination of experts
  • Recommendation of partner companies, experts and laboratories from your region
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Consulting regarding released pollutants, sampling and remediation methods
  • Advice on disposal (waste, rubble, etc.) including suggestion of favorable disposal companies
  • Determination of the amount of damage
  • Establishment of the causality of the damage claim
  • Determining the cause of damage
  • Insurance law assessment
  • Reporting & Photo Documentation
  • Proposals for risk improvement
  • Examination of recourse options

We handle claims from the following insurance lines

  • All property insurance
    (All Risk: fire, natural hazards, burglary, tap water, glass breakage, etc.)
  • Technical insurances
    (machine breakage, construction, assembly, electronics insurance, etc.)
  • Cyber insurances
  • Business interruption insurance – loss of earnings
  • Liability insurance (incl. product liability)
    (personal injury, property damage and financial loss)
  • D&O Insurances

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