We love the risk!

Proper management of risks and opportunities is our passion. The long-standing partnerships we maintain with many of our customers are proof of our expertise and our uncompromising quality standards.

We love our job

We support insurance companies and manufacturing companies in controlling operational risks, determining correct sums insured and managing losses.

Not only insurance companies can sustainably improve their underwriting through our services, but also industrial and commercial enterprises benefit from our know-how.

Risk engineering: Many risks, whether insurable or not, can be identified and managed in advance. Our interdisciplinary risk engineers proceed with a great deal of expertise and empathy, thereby creating added value for the insurance company, insurance broker and policyholder

Valuation: Determining correct sums insured in the industrial and commercial sector is a major challenge. Steadily rising prices (partially decoupled from common indices) and ongoing changes in operating locations quickly lead to underinsurance. Risk Consult also follows a partnership approach here, taking into account the needs of all parties.

Claims management: Handling claims is often a very difficult task. Risk Consult, with its team of lawyers and technicians, evaluates every claim with the utmost care and empathy, because insurance claims are often linked to personal fates.

Just like the insurance companies we work with, we show great commitment to the markets in which we operate

Our work is based on established standards, norms and certifications (ISO 9001), yet we act with a sense of proportion and according to local conditions. It is of great concern to us to build up long-lasting and cooperative relationships with our customers. Only through mutual trust and appreciation can we achieve optimal results.

Due to our many years of activity in the CEE region, there is de facto no industry that we have not yet seen. We benefit here from our international network, which allows us to efficiently transfer knowledge and standardize and ensure the quality of our services across national borders.

We love the regions in which we operate

We love career changers

Our interdisciplinary team brings expertise from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Direct, open communication and short decision-making paths are core values of our organization

Just as diverse as our activities is the mix of specialties present in our team. Technicians with different specializations, lawyers and business economists can be found in our ranks, as well as natural hazards experts, mathematicians and chemists. In addition to this comprehensive mix of know-how, a variety of cultural backgrounds and languages enable us to cover large parts of the CEE region and to present ourselves with the right cultural fit in many countries of the region.

But not only the perfect service of our customers is close to our heart, also the appreciative and correct interaction in the team is an essential concern for us. We keep decision-making processes short and maintain an open feedback culture. This is the only way to meet our quality standards. Through regular events and training measures, we also give all team members the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn new things and constantly develop themselves further.

Through our locations in the CEE we can cover large parts of the region and provide our services in local language and the right cultural fit.

The CEE region is a very heterogeneous market with a multitude of languages, cultural differences, regulations and standards. Our network spans a total of six countries and seven locations (Vienna, Kufstein, Bratislava, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul), allowing us to take these differences into account. Nevertheless, we pay attention to similar quality standards and regular exchanges in order to be able to provide the most homogeneous service quality possible for our customers.

We love our diversity

We love our modern working environment

We work with modern, specialized tools and methods to ensure consistent quality of service, ease of internal cooperation and with our customers, and data security.

Not only does the Risk Consult team have state-of-the-art equipment and tools at its disposal, we also provide our clients with an application landscape that supports their business in the best possible way.

The work itself is designed to be as flexible as our working tools. The combination of home office and flexitime, together with the appropriate hardware and software, allows maximum flexibility for our employees and thus better service for our customers.

But interaction with customers and colleagues should not be neglected either. Our centrally located offices at the main site in Vienna not only offer perfect public transport connections, but also discounted lunch menus in the nearby canteen and close proximity to our main clients.

Risk Consult has decades of expertise. Through the partnership with one of the largest insurance groups in the CEE region, we were able to gain knowledge in a variety of industries

Risk Consult was founded in 1990 by the three insurance companies Wiener Städtische Versicherung, Donau Versicherung and Montanversicherung – together, when the industrial insurance sector experienced a very dynamic change throughout Europe. The professional examination of international trends in risk management was in demand.

Gerhart Ebner, at the time head of Wiener Städtische’s successful non-life industrial business, also led Risk Consult on its path to success. Gerhart Ebner acquired the majority of Risk Consult shares in 2003 as part of a management buyout. The long history and close cooperation with the VIG Group has made Risk Consult one of the leading companies in the industry.

Today, Risk Consult employs nearly 80 people in Austria and CEE.

The hard market phase in the insurance industry, increasing relevance of the climate crisis and unpredictable price developments make our services more and more important and we are constantly adapting our offer to this dynamic environment.

If you want to be part of this success story, contact us!

We love our history (and our future)

The team

We are Risk Consult

Bernhard Payer

Managing Director

Josef Aigner

Managing Director

Katrin Netal

Member of the Extended Management Board, authorized signatory; Head of Risk Engineering

Andreas Bannert

Business Unit Manager Valuation

John Matzka

Business Area Manager Claims Management